Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy 65th Birthday Sir Menzies Campbell!

Happy Birthday!Sir Menzies Campbell is 65 years old today. Many happy returns! In celebration here's a bit of a party (and unlike his usual one he'll actually enjoy this!), featuring some characters we otherwise haven't yet seen on this blog. And as a special party treat, can you guess who any of their alter egos are?

A grumpy old womanEveryone knows Waldorf and Statler, the grumpy old men. But how many people know about Astoria, Waldorf's wife and Statler's sister, the grumpy old woman?

An extra femaleHaving sufficient females around can sometimes be a problem and so new ones have to be introduced or brought to prominence. How many of you remember Skeeter, who only appeared in the Muppet Babies cartoon?

He should be generating order but instead causes chaos around himYou'd expect people in certain positions to maintain order and dignity in their search for advancement. But Dr. Bunsen Honeydew instead keeps coming up with outlandish creations and causing damage to those around him when he should be helping.

So irritating that there are websites devoted to hating him!And of course you can't have Dr. Bunsen without his sidekick Beaker. Perhaps the single most annoying Muppet of all, there are websites devoted to hating this guy. And he usually ends up on the receiving end of all the disaster.

The most popular and famous Muppet of them allAnd of course we can't forget the most famous Muppet of them all, Kermit the Frog. He's hosted popular shows and is recognised the world over, being truly the biggest celebrity of them all. But I'm not too sure what his normal way of walking is...

Curiously none of the Lib Dem blogs I'm linked to have mentioned Campbell's birthday. So I'm afraid all I can only offer bipartisan links to PoliticalHackUK: Bus pass for Mr Campbell and Iain Dale: Happy 65th Birthday to Sir Menzies Campbell.

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