Monday, May 15, 2006

Ming passes the point of no return

A partnership that is guaranteed to losePoliticalHackUK has spotted that Campbell's leadership is doomed. He has received the kiss of death that is the support of Lembit Öpik:

Ming's fate is confirmed by Lembit 'Nostradamus' Opik with his fullsome show of support for and faith in his leader.

I was quite surprised about the opinion against Charles but that looks now like a moment of madness. It's not our style. There is no way people are going to be talking about changing the leader again.

You may remember that Lembit loyally stood by his friend Charlie, even as all others were preparing to sacrifice him. Lembit then backed Mark Oaten. His track record this year hasn't been great - the man's a jinx.
Simon Hughes may have given comments that came out as "give Ming until the party conference" but increasingly it looks like Ming will not even make the summer recess.

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My God you are well boring.


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