Friday, September 30, 2016

Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord - 30 years on

A rare Doctor Who post these days but a special one.

People who've only discovered the series in its current incarnation may be forgiven for thinking the overall season long story arcs are a modern invention. But thirty years ago the series served up its biggest ever adventure.

"Eighteen months is too long to wait!" had cried a pop song that protested the twenty-third season being slightly delayed. How little did people realise there would come a time when an eighteen month wait would seem like nothing!

In the autumn of 1986 the series put the Doctor on trial for his actions, taking him all over space and time and even confronting his own future. There were many great guest stars, including the one and only BRIAN BLESSED, as loud as ever. It also had some of the best music of all.

Composer Dominic Glynn has reworked his brilliant rendition of the theme and here's an excellent music video celebrating the great epic:


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