Monday, May 29, 2006

So who's in charge of the Lib Dems' campaigns?

I'm in commandNo I am... I thinkThanks to Yellow Peril for highlighting this story. It seems there is a serious breakdown in the chain of Liberal Democrat command. As noted earlier, local Liberal Democrats tried to start campaigning in the Bromley and Chislehurst by-election, but were slapped down by Sir Menzies Campbell. However someone has gone and set up this room in spite of his orders:

The Lib Dem campaign HQ for the by-electionThis is the Liberal Democrat by-election campaign headquarters in the constituency, which shouldn't be open yet according to Campbell's orders. Now was this authorised by Lord Rennard, the Liberal Democrat Chief Executive, in spite of Campbell's orders, or did Campbell make a mistake and the party doesn't want to admit it? Just who is in charge?

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Paul Burgin said...

Tim, I hate to defend the Lib Dems as much as the next Conservative/Labour chap/chapess, but what bothers me about that picture is that whilst the fact there are no posters is to be expected, there are no telephones, no file cabinets, just a box full of what seems to be odds and ends. Could be any old spare room in fact!


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