Monday, May 01, 2006

Another Charles in the last chance saloon?

Thanks to both Liberal England and Iain Dale for bringing to attention this story in The Sun that states Charles Clarke did not offer Tony Blair his resignation last week. Blair is said to be furious that he has received the blame for not accepting it, when Clarke didn't offer it in the first place!

Bungling Home Secretary Charles Clarke did NOT offer to quit last week over the freed foreign convicts scandal.
He told the BBC he had offered to go — which infuriated Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The PM stormed out of the Commons on Wednesday after being humiliated about his refusal to accept the "phantom" resignation.
Also Clarke apparently kept the news about the lack of deportations from the Prime Minister for three weeks.

Clarke has given an interview to the EPD24 website stating:

At the end of the day, my own political future depends on my own strength of character dealing with the points that are raised, first, secondly on the support of my own political colleagues, and thirdly and most importantly on the decisions of the prime minister.
If I lost that support, that would be different. I hope I will continue as home secretary.
So does he still have that support? I doubt it. A letter accepting Clarke's resignation is bound to be sitting on Blair's desk. When will the letter offering it arrive?

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