Friday, May 12, 2006

New visitors to this site

I've just noticed on that there have been a lot of visitors to this blog lately, so I'd just like to acknowledge them.

Firstly there have been a lot coming from my comment on Iain Dale's Diary: Question Time Tonight: I Feel a Live Blog Coming On (or on the comment posting page itself) coming to my live blog of Question Time. I can only assume a lot of them have also visited Mars Hill's live blog of the same event - do you have stats Paul?

The other main topic of interest has been the AUT/NATFHE marking boycott, its impact on students and levels of opposition to the boycott. As well as many visitors from the educationet message board, there have been many searches including, in no particular order, the following:

*AUT "university of london" exams on Google
*AUT strike "University of Kent" on Google
*aut marking on Google
*blog AUT NATFHE marking boycott on Google
*aut "jacqueline berry" on Google
*aut natfhe boycott on Blog Search
*kat stark - nus women's officer on Google

(Searches for Kat Stark, the NUS National Executive member-elect who authored a pro boycott letter in circulation, also bring up Chris Doidge: Becoming More Like...Me: A Students' Union or a self–obsessed one? by a University of Warwick student critical of her stance. The subsequent comments are some of the longest and thoughtful about the problems many students' unions face in connecting with their members.)

So a very big "Hello" to all the new readers and I hope many of you stay around!

1 comment:

Paul Burgin said...

I am setting up a stats page on traksy, so I will soon find out something about the readership on my blog


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