Friday, May 26, 2006

Conservatives stand up for the UK's sovereignty

I've just seen this post on Guido Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy. I'm surprised this hasn't received more attention but I'm glad to see a stand being made for UK sovereignty and democracy.

Did the Tories Really Vote to Abolish EU Primacy?

Have the Tories voted for UK independence? What exactly is Bill Cash on about? In the FT he had a letter claiming:-

"The Conservative party as a whole last week voted to support my backbench amendment to the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, expressly to override the European Communities Act 1972 by providing the legislative means to deregulate European burdens on British business and make this binding on the British judiciary. The bill has now gone to the House of Lords."

Did Guido miss something?

UPDATE : It appears that 128 Tories did indeed vote to abolish the primacy of the EU over British parliamentary sovereignty. Did they all understand that they were so voting is debatable. Bill Cash is to be congratulated for his ingenuity.
The amendment unfortunately failed but it's very encouraging to see a stand for our country's sovereignty.

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Sir-C4' said...

Nice work by Mr. Cash. I can never forgive Heath and Macmillan for selling us down the river.


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