Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blast from the past

I've just seen that someone who visited my blog had done a search for university of kent tory monday club on Google. "Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time."

At some point in the near future I'll see if I've still got one or two sets of minutes from my undergraduate days and I will recount briefly a split many moons ago between the Conservative and Tory wings of an organisation.


Paul Burgin said...

Please don't tell me you were in the Monday Club!

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

No fricking way! I stayed in the Kent University Conservative Association.

Having said that, a number of people did initially join the Tory Monday Club without realising at the time just what it was. Most left within a few weeks. There'll be more when I write a post on this, but I want to fish out the old files of SU minutes (they contain some key stuff but to my knowledge on the current SU website) first.

Paul Burgin said...

Thank God for that! My respect for you as a political opponent would have taken a bit of a nosedive if you were a member.
That said, the fact that a no initially joined confirms my view that the extremist element in the Conservative Party still has a presence and has not been dealt with properly. Cameron will need to pick a fight with them if he wants to improve his chances significantly at the next election.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

As I'll explain when I get to write the post, this particular version of the Monday Club initially attracted people a) who had no idea either what the name referred to; and/or b) initially just saw it as a Conservative society with a more political slant. I think the ones who left within a few weeks when quite a lot of this was exposed should be forgiven not knowing this (it all began a year before the Monday Club became big news when IDS took action against them).

The story of the TMC is at times more farce than drama. I must get round to that post soon.


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