Sunday, April 30, 2006

Is this why Blair can't let any more Ministers go?

Iain Dale has posted a list of all the current Ministers of State, in theory the main source for new Cabinet appointments. And it's not a list to write home about:

Douglas Alexander (definite), Rosie Winterton (were it not for...), Yvette Cooper (too much of a Brown ally), Phil Woolas (erratic), Dawn Primarolo (thick), John Healey (boring but nice), Harriet Harman (thick and past failure), Kim Howells (rent a gob), Ian Pearson (no idea), Hazel Blears (unpopular with colleagues), Tony McNulty (hurt by current scandal), Elliot Morley (a permanent number two), Margaret Hodge (you have to be joking), Stephen Timms (boring and ugly), Stephen Ladyman (no idea), Jane Kennedy (no idea), David Hanson (boring), Adam Ingram (too old), Alun Michael (past failure), Malcolm Wicks (too old), Jacqui Smith (not up to it), Bill Rammell (no idea), Beverley Hughes (would have to be desperate), Richard Caborn (not up to it)
So apart from Douglas Alexander (only one person) who could Blair appoint to fill the current Cabinet vacancy and also replace Clarke, Hewitt and maybe also Prescott?


Paul Burgin said...

Are you sure those are not Iain Dale's opinions, i.e. psycological transference into assuming they are the PM's!

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Some yeah, although some of these opinions are pretty common (does anyone actually recommend any of Harman, Hughes or Hodge for the Cabinet?).

You've called for Charles Clarke to go - who would you add to the Cabinet to net replace him?

ziz said...

The Cabinet shuffle has already been planned see

Paul Burgin said...

Good question Tim! Either Douglas Alexander, Yvette Cooper, or Stepehn Timms (who I have met on two occasions and overall strikes me as competent and resourceful).
Timms also strikes me as more friendly and outgoing than Iain Dale who, if I remember him correctly at the 2003 Labour Party Conference in the small Politicos store, was rather rude and standoffish to anyone who wasn't an MP, i.e. important.
Then again, he probably had a bad day!


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