Saturday, April 29, 2006

The impact of the AUT marking boycott

As more and more university students return for the exam period, the impact of the AUT/NATFHE marking boycott and the AUT only boycott of setting exams is starting to take effect. Here's one student's account of their experience:

Anyway, the AUT is continuing its action and students are being harmed as a result. I was due to be having an exam today, only after weeks of studying and much time cramming this week on my return to University to find out that my exam has actually been cancelled, postponed until further notice, probably re-scheduled for a couple of months time, that is of course if this whole thing gets sorted out by then, which us currently looking more and more unlikely.
The Petition against the AUT assessment boycott continues to grow in support and is influencing both the National Union of Students into slightly moving their position and upping pressure on the AUT.

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