Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lib Dems ignore the basic rules of child safety

As ever thanks to Iain for flagging Lib Dems in 'Sweets from Strangers' Storm. The Liberal Democrats' official election handbook recommends:
shout at all the local kids you can see and hear... then proceed Pied Piper like round the estate doling out badges and toffees and leaflets.
A complaint has been lodged by Eric Pickles, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party & Shadow Minister for Local Government:
Political parties have to be responsible and not encourage children to get in potentially dangerous situations. No responsible adult should ever entice unsupervised children to take sweets from strangers. This election manual is completely oblivious to common sense. At a time of heightened concern about the safety of children, I do not believe that the public will tolerate such reckless electioneering by the Liberal Democrats.
Does anyone wish to defend the Lib Dems over this?

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