Friday, April 14, 2006

Is a Bank Holiday a "Saturday" or a "Sunday"?

After so many years of Bank Holidays (and Good Friday is usually treated only half heartedly as one) you'd think everyone would have worked out by now whether or not to apply Saturday or Sunday timetables. Yet taking a wander round London today revealed an utterly inconsistent pattern on this. The worst situation is on the trains, where timetables are often set to allow interchanges between companies and these are utterly useless when different companies use different day's timetables.

Let's have a consensus on this, and treat Bank Holidays as one or the other, rather than this ongoing mismash. Would it hurt the country to work this one out?


Anonymous said...

Friday he died - this is a bank holiday
sunday he rose - this doesn't need tobe a bank holiday as it's a sunday so they give us the monday off instead (like at christmas so you don't feel diddled out of a day off)
saturday he was dead, did nothing interesting or special, so as anyone with any eclesastical knowledge can tell you it's not a special day!! therefore no bank holiday and anyone who claims it is, well they arejust being lazy!

Anonymous said...

No, they shouldn't "standardise". Public transport operators should provide whatever services on bank holidays that are appropriate to the demand for routes on those days.

Some bus/train services are less likely to be used on bank holidays as they mainly go to places of work, etc. Others are more likely to be used as they may be tourist or shopping destinations.


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