Saturday, April 29, 2006

"The best team in the country"

The best team in the countryCongratulations to Chelsea who smashed Manchester United 3-0 today to clinch a second successive Premiership title.

In the words of Jose Mourinho:

It is a fantastic feeling, unbelievable.
This is my second in England and my fourth consecutive title if you include Porto. One day we'll lose but, for now, we are the best team in the country.
Once upon a time it seemed that Manchester United stood above all other clubs. Today that myth has been destroyed. Today it is Chelsea that stands tall.



Daniel Snowdon said...

If you EVER win a Champions League then you might have a point and until you win as many Premiership as Manchester United have then you can shove Chelsea back to Russia. Lets hope your so called outstanding players can actually bring England success or will they not play to their best because they are so far up their arses that their noses are pointing up the other end.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

No wonder you want to shove Chelsea back to Russia - if they'd been there and not at Stamford Bridge Man U. would have had their only chance on winning the match at the latter!


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