Thursday, April 27, 2006

What has Labour got to say for itself?

Tonight Labour is running its next Party Political Broadcast. After a dreadful week with Cabinet Minister after Cabinet Minister hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, after crisis upon crisis, just what is Labour putting forward as its best reason for voting Labour in the local elections?

Dave the Chameleon. Again.

(You can download this rubbish for yourselves, but be warned that's a Quicktime file you'll be clicking on.)

And nearly all the broadcast seems to be reusing shots from last week. Hasn't Labour realised the adverts are not succeeding - if anything this negative campaigning is making the public like Cameron even more!

Iain Dale has an interesting suggestion:
I would have thought a 3 minute piece to camera by the Home Secretary or the Prime Minister apologising might have been more politically beneficial.
So why not try that instead? After all in the television studio there won't be audiences to heckle them.

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