Sunday, June 11, 2006

Will the Lib Dems make Ming pay local income tax?

He'll do anything to get centre stageThanks to Yellow Peril for this story. It seems that whilst Ming Campbell may have decided that the party still believes in local income tax, Liberal Democrats in Scotland are prepared to ditch the policy in order to secure a third coalition with Labour.
SCOTTISH Liberal Democrats are backtracking on plans to replace the council tax with an income-based alternative, the Sunday Herald can reveal.

Nicol Stephen's party is softening its support for abolishing the successor to the poll tax because it does not want to jeopardise a third coalition deal with Labour. Senior Lib Dems believe the policy, which could increase the bills of middle-class Scots, is not worth a huge political fight.
No local income tax for him?And if they succeed, if means that the Lib Dems would not be making their own leader pay the flagship tax he promotes. So once again the Lib Dems will say different things to get votes and power by whatever means. And one of the biggest consequences is that Liberal Democrats would not even be trying to to get this tax for their very own leader.

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