Thursday, June 01, 2006

What are Lib Dems like when they're dried out?

What do I do without water?Yet another Lib Dem is in trouble, only unlike some others, this one isn't under party pressure. This time David Heath, the parliamentary affairs spokesperson, is hitting the headlines because the village where he lives is facing the permanent ending of its water supply. Water has been supplied to Witham Friary since the nineteenth century from a reservoir owned by the Dukes of Somerset, but lately the water supply has been running low and the Duke's estate has announced the forthcoming termination of the arrangement. Legally no-one is responsible for supplying the villagers - it will be up to them to pay the costs of probably £10,000 per home to be connected to the mains network. There may be alternatives, but it could be that David Heath will be left high and dry.

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