Monday, June 05, 2006

The "two horse race" argument gets sillier

By his owner's arguments, this horse is not in the front twoThe Lib Dem "It's a two horse race" argument gets sillier and sillier. Yellow Peril notes that the current Betfair odds tell a different story:

The "bookies" at Betfair are indeed saying it's a two horse race in Bromley - punters on the site are currently offering shorter (2/1) odds on Labour than on the Lib Dems (3/1). So it looks like "Ming Campbell's candidate can't win here".

It's a straight choice.

It's a two horse race.

Our bar chart proves it.


Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Thanks for completely missing the whole point of the story. Ultimately the Lib Dems will seize on whatever set of figures they can hold up to say "only our candidate can beat the [incumbants]" regardless of how they twist the figures.

If the situation were reversed the Lib Dems would still be using the best set of figures for them to back up the usual:

"It's a straight choice." (I bet Simon Hughes likes that one!)

"It's a two horse race."

Anonymous said...

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