Sunday, June 11, 2006

So this is good weather?!?!

Currently a wave of sunshine and high temperatures is sweeping across the UK. Apparently this is "good weather".

But all I find is a relentless heat that makes indoors unbearable, that makes things either sticky or too hot to touch, that makes it hard to move and sometimes even think and which burns the skin. It's drying out places of beauty - Wanstead Flats always looks so much better when it's green - and increasing pollutants in the air.

Why do people call this "good weather"?


Bill said...

Well, I for one think it is excellent :) - I have thought for a long time there a all sorts of sound arguments for moving the UK capital city out of London, probably to someplace between Birmingham and Manchester, to rebalance over time the population in a more rational manner (inevitably many of the decision-makers would follow the government apparatus). A consequence might also be the lessening of pressure on the over-burdened south-east of the country, which also happens to have a chronic lack of water for the population it is now expected to support.

Lola said...

the weather was delightful. please stop moaning. ;)

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

It rained a lot today so Wanstead Flats will regain some beauty (even if the pond won't fill up).

And if you think the weather was fun, you come and live here for a week in a heatwave. ;)


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