Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's over before it's started!

With the World Cup dominating the media it's been easy to miss the start of Wimbledon this year. And so for once the entire nation has been spared the annual round of Henmania (quite a short round this year) as we all pretend that the one Brit still in the tournament can pull off a miracle win. It's happened for years with Henman, it happened with Jeremy Bates before him and no doubt to several others as well.

If a UK player is to stand a serious chance of winning Wimbledon then we need more tennis players. But the game seems only a preserve of the upper middle classes (yes I know there are many exceptions to that sweeping generalisation, but I've hardly ever seen public tennis couts in use) and most of the nation only seems to take any interest during Wimbledon.

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