Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can it get any worse for Labour?

Thanks to Iain Dale for highlighting this. On Thursday there was a council by-election for Ewhurst in Waverley, Surrey. Whilst local circumstances delivered the seat to an independent, but the biggest shock came from Labour's result.

Out of over a thousand votes just six were cast for the Labour candidate.

Has Labour ever polled so low before?

Even more silly is the Waverley Labour Rose Newsletter:

Surge in Labour vote defeats Tories in By-Election.

The Tories lost a Council Seat in Ewhurst thanks to a surge in support for Labour. Both the Tories and the Liberals saw their vote share plummet by 16% and 23% while Labour's vote increased. Jubilant Labour candidate Ivor Hopeful said " Clearly voters are rejecting the Tories and Lib Dems in droves while our support remains solid. I am delighted to have contributed to this defeat of the Tories".
Leaving aside their use of a nineteenth century party name (although once again it shows that Not So Very New Labour aren't even Yesterday's Men), their comments are absurd - the majority was 12 and since Labour didn't put up a candidate last time it was mathematically impossible to lose votes. Even Labour spin is failing.

If Old Man Brown ever does get to be Labour Leader (if Blair ever realises everyone wants him to go) will there be any Labour support left for him to hold onto?


Elephunt said...

Well, we seem to be doing rather well in some of the other contests.Up here on Merseyside we've done the LDs in the last three Council by elections, not something that would have happened in 2004.

Bob Piper said...

It could get much worse Mr Timrollpickering. We could be in opposition. Are you old enough to remember Labour in opposition?

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Oh most definitely - and from the look fo things it seems soon I will have those memories added to soon.


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