Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And so it's Cable

The Liberal Democrat deputy leadership election ended today and it's not David Heath after all. So did Lembit Öpik give him the Kiss of Death and back him?

The results were as follows:

Round 1

Vincent Cable 21
David Heath 17
Matthew Taylor 25

No preference 0

Heath was eliminated and his votes redistributed to their next available preference.

The new Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vincent CableRound 2

Vincent Cable 31
Matthew Taylor 29

Non-transfers 3

And so Vincent Cable becomes the next deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats and his role in the downfall of Charles Kennedy appears to have been forgiven. But I doubt he will be the next leader of the party - so that speculation will no doubt continue.

The 'Backing of Death', Lembit ÖpikOh and if anyone thinks that I've been in any way harsh about Lembit Öpik and his repeated habit of supporting campaigns that get nowhere then you might want to take a look at other blog posts like The Curse of Opik, The curse of Lembit, Curse of the Were-Lembit, Öpik - The Dead Horse Flogger, The Curse of Opik, The Curse of Lembit - Part II, The curse of Lembit Part Two, and The Curse of Lembit: Part III to name but a few. It's not looking good at all for Lembit is it?

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