Friday, March 03, 2006

Are the Lib Dems all Mingers now?

Look what a big fish I caught!The Liberal Democrats have elected Sir Menzies "Ming the Merciless" Campbell as their new leader. Since he has had neither embarrassing revelations exposing him as a hypocrite nor the backing of Lembit Opik (who appears to have supported Chris Huhne), I suppose Campbell's victory should have been more obvious. If Old Man Brown is elected Labour leader when Tony Blair finally does the one good thing he can do and gives up the seals of office we will see the Fife conflict between Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless go national.

So is Menzies Campbell truly Ming the Merciless?With the leadership election over, one would expect the Liberal Democrats to sink back into their normal obscurity in politics. However for those who've been following the past two months, ever since the party brutally deposed Charles Kennedy in a manner that made even the downfalls of Iain Duncan Smith and Ieuan Wyn Jones look like friendly chats, there are two little epilogues to this saga. For the excitement of perhaps a few there is the riveting wonder that is the Liberal Democrat deputy leadership election. For the rest of the universe we can wonder whether Campbell's supporters should be called "Merciless Ones", "Mongos" or "Mingers". I wonder if anyone knows what the Emperor himself thinks?

1 comment:

Will said...

They seemed to prefer "Mingons" during the contest.


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