Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So just who is in charge of the Lib Dems?

Is he still the overall leader?FibDems asks "Has anyone seen their leader?" It seems the Scottish Lib Dems have been subtley distancing themselves from Sir Menzies Campbell and are even looking to Charles Kennedy to head their campaign for the 2007 Scottish Parliament elections.

He isn't saying so explicitlyThe first evidence is a modification to the Scottish Lib Dems' website that was made yesterday, removing the detail that the federal party is "led by Sir Menzies Campbell MP". One has to wonder why - it's hardly as if the page needs the space. Does Nicol Stephen not wish to be promoted with Campbell if he can help it?

And if Kennedy is to be used in the campaign is this another step on his route back to the leadership? He's hardly played down attempts to cast him as "the king over the water". And of course another king over the water fought against the Campbells...

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A soft socialist said...

Ming wasn't too bad at PMQs today.


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