Saturday, January 07, 2006

He wasn't the future ever!

In an act of denial not seen since the Iraqi Information Minister went off the air, Charles Kennedy continues to deny his leadership is ending despite nearly half his MPs threatening to resign if he doesn't go. The Liberal Democrats have shown exactly what they think about Kennedy's idea of putting things right in a "referendum on booze" but have failed to dislodge him yet.

Looking through some of the old stories highlighted by the BBC there's this one from just after the General Election when Charles Kennedy was claiming the Lib Dems were the "party of the future". As with many Charles Kennedy statements it was utterly ludicrous. The Lib Dems failed to take most of their high profile targets despite much talk about being the "real alternative" to Labour and since then have just wandered all over the place.

In 2005 the Liberal Democrats planned a decapitation strategy and failed. Now they are having difficulty at performing the only decapitation they possibly can.

That party is not a "real alternative". It is a right farce.


Tim Roll-Pickering said...

And now the decapitation has taken place. But if the Liberal Democrats think that they will magically become a "real alternative" to anything serioues soon they are sorely mistaken. Their ideological divide persists.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is a fraud!


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