Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Has David Davis succeeded?

When David Davis announced his resignation from the Commons over 42 days detention many saw him as making a courageous move because opinion polls suggested that public opinion was behind the government on this issue.

Now an opinion poll has suggested a significant shift in public opinion, suggesting that because the issue has had much greater debate in public people have learnt more about it and decided they don't like it. Taking the debate to the wider public, rather than facing down Mad Cow Girl, has been the purpose of Davis's stance and it seems he's been successful, regardless of what the result is on Thursday.

Hattip to Iain Dale: Has David Davis's National Debate Been Sparked?

1 comment:

4 David Davis 4 Freedom said...

I think the public would like to see more of our politicians leading and taking risk based on what they believe.

Whatever the turnout, and indeed result, tomorrow, our democracy has been well served by David Davis.


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