Monday, November 20, 2006

Who killed Kennedy?

That time of year is approaching once again, the time when everyone starts speculating about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

I've never been too sure what to think on this one. Whilst I think the evidence is pretty clear that Jack Ruby just happened to be in the right place when he killed Lee Harvey Oswald (who's transference was delayed and would have originally happened when Ruby was wiring money), I honestly don't know what to make of the seemingly infinite analyses that "prove" everything from the Warren Commission conclusion that Oswald was a lone nut to the theory that Oswald was set-up as a scapegoat and a whole posse of gunman were shooting at Kennedy.

But it's with some amusement that I noted the following search term had brought someone to this blog:

kennedy assassination and "caroline hunt"

So just what was Caroline doing in Dallas that day, many years before she was born? ;)


Anonymous said...

I suspect this will only be laid to rest when the FBI files on JFK's assassinations are finally de-classified. (I think they are due for declassification c. 2030)

neil craig said...

I incline towards the involvement of Carlos Marcello, the mafia boss of New Orleans & the south generally. He was Ruby's ultimate boss & to Davis Ferrie (Oswald's handler in almost all conspiracy theories) & has connections to many other sources of suspicion.

Robert Kennedy was trying to get him deported - a process which stopped immediately he left office.

Anonymous said...

I think that you have interpreted the search terms too narrowly because it makes you feel better to ridicule the intelligence of others, but it is you who have the wrong idea.
The searcher may have been looking for statements by Caroline Hunt re the murder of Kennedy by the CIA and Gehlen network, including the Hunt family. Or the person you've attacked may have been looking for an article that mentions Caroline Hunt, whose family was instrumental in killing Kennedy. Or the person you've ridiculed may have had an article in mind, couldn't remember the title, and used these search terms because these were recalled and it was easier to type in the name Caroline Hunt, who is one of the foulest human beings alive.

So you really owe that person an apology. Psychic vampires often jump to conclusions, and you don't want to be mistaken for one of THEM, do you? I know you just had a bad day, but you wouldn't want someone reading YOUR mind and ridiculing YOU for your search terms, which must be perfect and never in error. If not perfect, cast that stone at yourself, and aim for that head-full of adolescent mean-spiritedness.


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