Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Downing Street petitions

Following on from my previous post, other notable petitions on the Downing Street website include:

*Repeal the Hunting Act 2004
*Scrap university tuition fees and stop the marketisation of higher education
*scrap the proposed introduction of ID cards
*create a new exception to copyright law that gives individuals the right to create a private copy of copyrighted materials for their own personal use, including back-ups, archiving and shifting format
*Offer the British people a referendum on continued membership of the European Union
*cease using the so called need for 'constructive engagement' as an excuse to give impunity to Israel to continue to violate international humanitarian law
*Abolish inheritance tax
*create a national railcard and make all train fares more affordable than the corresponding car journeys, for the sake of our environment
*Legalise Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
*Ban junk mail
*Allow and take part in an independent enquiry into the events leading to the war in Iraq
*reject any extension to the state funding of political parties
*Limit the early release of prisoners
*ensure the future of an independent British nuclear deterrent by working to replace the existing Trident ballistic missile system
*Move the UK fully onto the metric system
*Enforce Disability Rights and Make it illegal to misuse disabled parking spaces and make councils enforce easy wheelchair access to all shop and businesses & to improve pavement conditions to make it easier for wheelchair users
*Introduce the Tennants right to buy Housing Association Homes
*Accept that comprehensive education has failed and to reintroduce academic selection in schools
*condemn Nicaragua for outlawing all abortion
*support the retention of the present voting system and resist calls for proportional representation
*compel the post office to scrap its disproportionate handling fee for underpaid items

Please sign the ones you agree with.

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