Thursday, November 02, 2006

Michael Heseltine on top form

I'm just watching the start of Question Time. Michael Heseltine is on top form, pulling out all the quotes Charles Clarke made about Gordon Brown - '"he can't work with people" and the people of the electorate will have the say if he can work with them'!

Still not the man of the futureMeanwhile Sir Menzies Campbell has once more cocked up his attempt to present himself as a politician of the future, by appearing on a panel with former Cabinet Ministers, including one who joined his party's frontbench in Ted Heath's day! When are the Liberal Democrats going to publicly admit that "a safe pair of hands" is not what they need and bring in a leader who can give the party direction and make it look forwards?


Manfarang said...

Please don't forget that there are large number of elderly voters in Britain.People who have been through real wars.Not this "war on terror nonsense".They are not that impressed by pipsqueaks such as yourself.And you don't have to be that old to remember Ted Heath's government.On Ted's frontbench was one Margaret Thatcher by the way.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

If you reread the post you'll note I didn't make reference to Ming's age. Indeed both Heseltine this week and Ashdown last week showed that older politicians have much to contribute.

But Campbell keeps appearing on panels with a mixture of people of the past. As others pointed out last night, it's doubtful that Charles Clarke will be in a Brown Cabinet. It just reinforces Campbell's image as not being a modern politician. Even Lib Dem insiders admit that this is a serious problem for them.

Manfarang said...

I hardly think Conservatives can be considered to be "forward looking". The belief there was once a golden age always means they always live in the past.Of course that golden age was often said to be the Victorian era,hence the emphasis on classical economic free market thinking by recent Conservative governments.
Now it seems to be the 1950s(the golden age can be shortly before birth).The current Conservative leadership does have a bit of an Anthony Eden style.


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