Friday, July 21, 2006

Yet more Paisley hypocrisy

This time it's Ian Paisley Jnr hitting the headlines. Slugger O'Toole reports on Paisley's reaction to a proposed dissident Republican march in Ballymena. He claims it is...
"intended to provoke public disorder and tension around this protestant town."
Perhaps he can explain how this is different from Orange Order marches provoking public disorder and tension in predominantly Roman Catholic areas. What ever happened to the right the DUP is always demanding for citizens (so long as they're straight) to be able to "march the Queen's highway"?

When it comes to consistency, it seems Ian Paisley Jnr is very much his father's son.


Paul Burgin said...

Well we know hypocricy is part of the culture of the Paisleys and their followers

Contemplative Activist said...

The sad thing is, Paisley et al. are completely blind to the whole hypocrisy.

Personally, the more ludicrous it gets, the better I think. That way, perhaps people will wake up and stop voting for them!


Tim Roll-Pickering said...

I think there are a few DUP members who could come up with an explanation that might at least convince themselves (Nigel Dodds is no fool even if a lot of the others are).

But will such inconsistencies really undermine their vote base? How many DUP voters think that republican marches and gay rights marches must be allowed as a consequence of Orange Order marches

Paul Burgin said...

Do you think they care?


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