Monday, September 20, 2010

I am worse than Oona King, Alex Hilton, Melanie Phillips, David Miliband, John Redwood and Donal Blaney

Over the years this blog has appeared on the odd list of the best UK/Political/Conservative blogs and I'm very grateful to the various people who've voted for me in successive polls - I'm afraid I haven't always been quick to respond to these votes.

However there are other votes as well and there's one I've only recently heard of. For a while ago A Very Public Sociologist did their own awards and the results are at The UK's 100 Worst Political Blogs. And this very blog has been voted the UK's 71st Worst Political Blog.

However looking at some of the other blogs on the list I feel I'm in okay company. The likes of Iain Dale, Tory Bear, Guido Fawkes, Liberal Conspiracy, Socialist Unity and Tom Harris are but a few of the top twenty-five.

What is surprising are the blogs that have come above me. Given A Very Public Sociologist's leanings and readership the list's leaning is unsurprising and suggests voting owes more to political positions than actual blogging. But I do take bemusement at being voted worse than the following:

90 Melanie Phillips
73 John Redwood's Diary
72 Donal Blaney (by invitation only)

I wonder what I've done to be a bigger hate figure to the hard left than the above!

Still I'm also considered worse than some Labour figures too:

94 Oona King
92 Alex Hilton
87 David Miliband

Being labelled as worse than David Miliband and Oona King by the hard left is a badge I'd wear with pride.

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A Very Public Sociologist said...

Interestingly, the biggest group of people to vote were from the "libertarian" hard right. And the biggest hate lefties had was, predictably, other blogs on the left.


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