Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vincent Cable you're no Lembit Öpik!

Have I Got News For You this week was fun with Tom Baker hosting and he was as mad as ever. He was, however, a little more presentable than the one time I saw him in the flesh - one day about eight years ago I was at Charing Cross station and saw him walking across the concourse in a macintosh looking like a flasher on the prowl!

About as exciting as everBut also of note was one of the guests - none other than the Liberal Democrats' very own Mr Excitement, Vincent Cable.

Now Cable has been in vogue in the last year, first stunning the world with a joke (although given his reputation as rather dull it was stunning in itself that he could deliver one) and talking a lot about the economy at a crucial time. But he hasn't got the self-mocking likeable chap style that other politicians who've been on Have I Got News For You have and it showed with him being way too serious at times. He certainly doesn't have the certain something that Charles Kennedy has, and that wasn't just developed through a billion appearances on C-list celebrity shows.

The main entertainmentAnd of course there's another Liberal Democrat who's been media whoring and it's one of the few things he does well. Lembit Öpik may be a political joke, and a cheeky one at that, but when it comes to comedy appearances he more than has what it takes.

Mr Cable I watched Lembit Öpik. I laughed at Lembit Öpik. Lembit Öpik was a favourite of mine. Mr Cable you're no Lembit Öpik.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, last time he was on and the Idiot Opik laid into Hislop, following the inevitable Cheeky Tart jokes, and came over as a complete twat.
Lembit Opik is nothing like as funny as he thinks he is. Interestingly, his comedy is usually based on cruelty. Witness his excrutiating trying to be funny gags on Who wants to be a Millionaire, all at Sean Lloyd's expense -
cringeworthy, cruel, embarrassing, offensive and unfunny.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Vince Cable on repeat of Have I got News for You. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried. Vince Cable very funny, way more so than Awful Opik. He was charming, gracious and v sharp. Made me laugh way more than Opik and his ego ever did


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