Saturday, March 03, 2007

So it's a smoking email

Following on from my earlier post (What are Labour scared of?) a few more details have officially emerged. (BBC News:
No 10 e-mail basis of injunction

An internal Downing Street e-mail between two members of Tony Blair's inner circle is at the centre of an injunction against the BBC.
And pictures of Ruth Turner and Lord Levy have been appearing and disappearing from news stories and blog posts all day.

The blogosphere is dropping numerous hints then hiding them. Dare I write anything further?


Anonymous said...

Dare you? Why not, have you been injuncted? Or do you know nothing exceopt what you read on the blogosphere?

David Todd said...

If Ruth Turner and Lord Levy happened to be called Jack and Jill and you told us a 'wee story' about Jack and Jill ;-)


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