Saturday, June 05, 2010

Have I Got Prescott For You

I've now had a chance to catch up with this week's Have I Got News For You, chaired by none other than John Prescott. It was an interesting time.

As debuts go, Prescott was somewhere in the middle. He wasn't on relentless fire like BRIAN BLESSED (though can anyone match up to BRIAN BLESSED?) but equally he didn't fall totally flat like Neil Kinnock. There is no end of obvious jibes to make at Prescott's expense and yet he managed to come through them all well, even making a few of them himself, and also managed to take the fight back to Ian Hislop. A host who can generate so much material is always a delight and there has to be return performance. (Would he be the first actual member of the House of Lords to do so?)

But just one suggestion - to keep up the impression the show is spontaneous and recorded in order, don't have the glasses appearing and disappearing in different shots.

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