Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who cares about someone's past?

It must be a slow news day as the media are making another fuss about David Cameron and drugs. (BBC News: Cameron defiant over drug claims) Frankly who cares?

A lot of people have made mistakes in their past and paid the price for it at the time. Why should they have to keep on paying years later?

And when is the media going to put Tony Blair under this kind of pressure? He's never answered the question and few would be surprised if he had.

Mind you, the real shock would be if Gordon Brown admitted to it. Somehow I can't imagine him having been interesting!


Bill said...

In the specific case in question I would have thought that most people will be unperturbed, although as a general principle I would consider that the response I would have to give to the title of your post is "I do" as it is pretty often relevant. If Hitler were to walk into Heathrow today seeking asylum (having decided that exile in the jungles of Brasil no longer suited him) would one be justified in just shrugging one's shoulders? In other words one cannot generalise about such issues - it has to be on a case-by-case basis.

Manfarang said...

Why should widespread drug use be tolerated?


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