Thursday, July 27, 2006

Liberal Democrats losing here

Liberal Democrats not winning hereThe latest ICM poll shows the Conservatives advancing - and the Liberal Democrats at their worst in four years:

What can I do?
The level of Lib Dem support is the lowest for over four years in an ICM poll, despite the fact that Ming Campbell's own ratings did appear to be rising. A foreign affairs crisis is seen by many as an opportunity for Campbell, who is considered an expert on foreign policy, to shine - but yet the Lib Dems are down to 17%. I had thought that the figures in the ICM poll last month, which showed the Liberal Democrats on a lower level of support than during their leadership crisis in January, was likely to be a blip - it simply seemed unlikely that they would be in worse position now than when they were leaderless and embroiled in sex scandals and infighting - this poll however does support ICM's findings last month.
Is it time for me?Maybe Ming's own stock is rising because major international stories often bring out the best in him, but his party remains directionless and it needs real leadership, not a detached statesman. One wonders just how long Campbell is going to last.

And who will be the third in The Year Of The Three Leaders? Could we soon be seeing Sarah Teather on the television even more than we do now?


C4' said...

I wouldn't reading too much in those opinion polls. for the last 15 years, these polls have always underestimated support for the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats have also done better than they any right to at the last few by-elections.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

And yet these ratings are even worse than when the Lib Dems stabbed Charles Kennedy in the front. Other than the drinking and the face not much has changed for the Lib Dems - they still have a leader widely discredited, a lack of direction, a massive debate about which direction to go, a rejuvenated Conservative Party leeching support and so forth.

Yes the Lib Dems can do well in by-elections because of their nasty vicious tactics. But nationally they look even less likely to make the breakthrough they've been dreaming of since Paddy Ashdown stood down.


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