Friday, July 28, 2006

Is Raynes Park posh or not?!?!

Whilst glancing at blog stats, the one that made me think was "raynes park posh or not" on Google.

I've probably travelled through Raynes Park thousands of times (the railway station is the junction between the main Surbiton line and the Epsom branch on whatever South West Trains are now called) but I've only ever set foot outside the station either to get a rail replacement bus or to pick up a bottle whilst interchanging for Kingston. Otherwise I've never seen very much of the area at all. The only thing I can think of on this point are the stories that people living in Raynes Park claim they live in "West Wimbledon". I suppose by the same silliness I live in "South Wanstead"!

1 comment:

MatGB said...

Friend of mine rents a room in Raynes Park. It's always struck me as a fairly expensive area, but as to whether it's "posh"?

It might've been, but Mike lives there and I visit regularly, so I'd say it isn't any more.


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