Thursday, July 22, 2010

More silence

Yes my blog posting rate has plummeted again. And yes it's for much the usual reason.

I hope to post more soon including a particular piece of news that many have been waiting quite some time for. So please watch this space...


Mal Grosch said...

Friday, 30 July 2010

The Prime Minister
Tory/Lib Dem Coalition

Dear Sir,

I thought I would give you a ‘man on the street’s’ experience of local politics.
I have had a long running problem with my local authority, Tower Hamlets.
I went to the Ombudsman but found them rather long winded and slanted on the side of the authority. The case carries on. I may win but three years is a long time to be spending on a fairly minor matter. The officer at Env. Health, LB Tower Hamlets, now claims to have lost all the correspondence. Handy.

I am in predominantly Labour area but I am Tory voter. We have had the self serving G. Galloway as MP and it has a been a waste of time going to him.
I wrote to Cllr Eaton, Lib Dem, for help with this matter. I found her courteous but totally ineffective.
I wrote to Mr Clegg re Cllr Eaton and got no reply. ( pre election. )
A Tory party activist in Newham- Tim Roll-Pickering, at Queen Mary College, told me about Andrew Boff and I wrote to him and he sounded disinterested ( on 50k ) and sent me to Zara Smith. To be fair she is not in my ward and chased the matter up but like Cllr Eaton did not seem willing to challenge the local gov officers who under Labour seem to not like being challenged. The old Lib party around here got officers to do their job.

I am concerned about corruption in my local council, local youths get worse but you are doing away with ASBOs, cyclists ride where they will and the police do nothing, noise in my flats is getting worse but the local environmental health office seems totally ineffective.
I am just a resident trying to live peaceably but I find myself totally disenchanted politically and unrepresented by those in authority. I want to vote Tory but it will be wasted vote.
Had to vote Labour this time to get rid of GG. I once wrote to you and got two page letter back- I didn’t agree with all of what you said but at least you wrote. I think you should mention to your Deputy that voters do like replies to their letters.

Congratulations by the way. Saw you in London Citizen hustings and could tell you would win.

Yours impotent ( politically speaking!! )

Mal Grosch ( Mr )

Mal Grosch said...

Tim- I have just written to PM about aggro with local politicians. Too long for your blog it said but now I find it has left it in some form I also use Google for blog so we can communicate. Been in USA Recession hitting hard. Ran into Lucy yesterday, the lady you worked with at QM in May. Best wishes and look forward to Chelsea's slow decline!!! MG


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