Friday, October 24, 2008

No end of Liberal leadership elections!

Someone for me to back!It's happened. The Liberal leader has accepted that he will never be Prime Minister and thrown in the towel. Now there's another leadership election on. Already you can hear Lembit Öpik rushing to destroy a candidate by giving them his endorsement.

But Lembit will have to cross an ocean this time. For the resigner is Stéphane Dion, outgoing leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. (Remember my last post Liberal woes?) And the election won't take place until May - and we thought the US left us asking How long do elections last?!

There's more information on that one at Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Liberals got serious blow in this election, something nobody awaited. They have lost many seats even here in Ontario, which was always Liberal's stronghold. I think Dion will not survive this as a leader, but one never knows, maybe till May there will be another election, because this minority government will have hard times .)
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