Monday, August 28, 2006

I need to get about more

Several blogs I read have recently been displaying maps of the countries in the world the writers have visited. Here's mine:

But it's not as impressive as it seems when you consider that all I saw of Russia was the transit lounge in a Moscow airport!

There are some more local maps such as the US States one has visited:

My experience of Canada is even more pathetic:

And for those wondering about Europe in detail try here:

If you want to create your own maps, take a look at the website here.

So which other countries should I visit?


Bill said...

I did the same quiz about two and a half years ago (here: ). Another of those quizzes Idid at about the same time is here:
according to which I'm 'Spain' - curiously enough I've since bought myself a house there, so it must have been pretty accurate.

I can't say I know the old Soviet Union very well either, although I did travel across a lot of it on one occasion on the International Train from Beijing then on to London after a few days in Moscow. I probably missed out a few of the Caribbean islands when doing the quiz and a few of the Pacific islands I have visited don't seem to show up at all - no matter.

Manfarang said...

Which Countries?
Republic of Ireland!


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