Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bye bye justice

MPs are set to debate government plans to allow paramilitary fugitives to return to Northern Ireland without serving a prison sentence. It seems that all concepts of justice are being thrown out of the window. The fugitives will be allowed to return and not even have to appear in court.

The justification for this is especially sickening. Tony Blair has stated:

Under the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, people who were convicted and in prison for terrorist offences pre-1998 got released.

How can you possibly say they (on-the-runs) should be put in prison if the people already convicted have been let out.

That is why there is a symmetry if you like about dealing with prisoners and on-the-runs.
What Blair completely ignores is that those who were released had already served some time for their offences. And many found the prisoner releases to be an utterly sickening part of the Good Friday Agreement that was necessary as part of a broader reconciliation. This is nothing more than a caving in to the demands of Sinn Féin/IRA.

At the same time the Government is demanding the right to detain terror suspects for 90 days it sends this signal "to give the peace process new momentum". Will we see an amnesty for the terrorists involved in the July 7th bombings? Or will the Government continue its atrocious double standards?

Tony Blair needs to be brought back to reality by a severe slap to the face. Both of them.

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