Thursday, March 31, 2011

The fall of Lembit Öpik

Iain Dale's Diary has this wonderful cartoon up of an AV ballot paper:

(Hattip to If Lembit were on fire...)

But when did Lembit have such a fall?

There was a time when Lembit was just a figure of fun, one of those wacky characters who enliven the fringes of politics more for their antics rather than their contribution to policy. Such figures have existed in all ages. Yet somewhere along the line Lembit has turned into an object of derison if not pure hate, even within his own party. (And this started before the Liberals had their first losing campaign in his seat since the days of Disraeli.)

Maybe it's because Lembit has stopped being funny and his efforts are now just irritating. Take for example this video for his campaign to be Mayor of London:

Citizen Lem from Mancha Productions on Vimeo.

Hideous isn't it?

Even Wolfie Smith's dreams of power were more credible than this!


Anonymous said...

So Disraeli was alive in 1979??

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

The wording is deliberate, reflecting the story of how the Liberals lost in 1979. They didn't run a losing campaign.

Darryl Ley said...

I feel the reason that he has become such a figure of hate is down to the way he hung around like a bad smell after his defeat. The string of young female company he was keeping was bad enough especially when seen through the red top (toilet) papers but as you heard him trying to be a commentator on Radio Five Live and other stations I think we just got tired of him. He fell into that despised place that reality TV stars usually unhabit.


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