Friday, May 29, 2009

Why do the Italians keep on re-electing Berlusconi?

In amidst all the Daily Telegraph revelations I've not yet heard of any ministers who are using Parliament to pass laws just to give them immunity from prosecution. But there are countries with a level of corruption in politics that makes the UK's, even at this moment, look completely amateurish.

In Italy Silvio Berlusconi has taken corruption to new levels, so far successfully evading prosecution. I have never quite understood why he is the Prime Minister's residence instead of jail, but then maybe they have a different attitude over there and he's delivering pork to his voters. However thanks to the EU he is one of many leaders who has influence over us.

But the latest Berlusconi story about him denying "a spicy or more than spicy" relationship with a minor is beyond belief, even for him. (BBC News: Berlusconi denies 'spicy' affair) And you don't need to have seen Yes Minister to know what an "official denial" is in politics, especially when his wife is divorcing him. There is something just sickening about this - the man is old enough to be her great grandfather! (Even if he has had a hair transplant.)

Why does this man do so well in Italy? Is it just his huge control of the media, is it a supportive attitude to sleaze or is he just forgiven for other things he has done?


Bill said...

I too find Italian politics perplexing, but equally perplexing to me is the fact you seem to have ignored that his children have, most unusally, leapt to his defence according to that same BBC article you link to.

I think his dominance of the Italian media and through it Italian politics is deeply worrying in what is supposed to be a democratic European state, but I don't think one should necessarily leap to the worst possible conclusion. Divorces are often messy and I certainly have no idea (do you?) whether the impilcations flowing from Signora Berlusconi's obseravtions have any validity.

Mario said...

Bill - I am not so sure his children are the most realiable referees. Lets be realistic here -would you bite the hand that feeds you and whose wealth you wil inherit?

The man is clearly corrupt, he lies, and he is 'old man' sleeze. The fact he is widely popular amongst many Italians really just reflects on them as people and a culture - his values are clearly close to there own.

Spend some time in Italy and you will soon become aware of the dishonest was many aspects of the society operate at.


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