Thursday, April 02, 2009

So where's our copy of the Newham Mag?

Every fortnight Newham Council publishes The Newham Mag about what is going on in the borough and what the councillors are up to. According to the website it is "delivered to every home in the borough." It has been running for over six years now.

Now as well as having often delivered political leaflets, when I was younger I worked to deliver copies of the Yellow Pages and the telephone directory. Both have involved delivering to difficult to reach addresses. Now I'm not going to pretend that I or others have always reached every single address (there are times when canvassing that I've been completely unable to find a particular address no matter how many times I've looked) but we certainly tried our hardest. And for a not impossible to find address (which the presence of the Yellow Pages and directories here confirms mine certainly is) they would almost certainly get delivered to over 90% of the time. And I live just behind the library and local service centre where my local councillors hold their surgery so it's not as if it's hard to find.

By my calculations there have been approximately 124 copies of The Newham Mag published since I moved into my current address. So why in all the time I have been living here has it never once come through our letterbox?

Is producing a propaganda sheet so dominated by communications from incumbent councillors really the best use of council taxpayers' money? Especially if it's not being sent to all households in the borough?

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