Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who wants to live in Fred West Towers?

No I don't think anyone would. But what about "Peter House" and "Painter House", named after "Peter the Painter", a revolutionary who led the anarchists involved in the Siege of Sidney Street. (Daily Mail: Council sparks anger after it names two tower blocks after leader of Sidney Street siege police killers)

Now the siege was nearly a century ago but that does not excuse the actions of the council in naming blocks after a terrorist. As one commenter on the story put it:
Sutcliffe Street, Brady Boulevard, Hindley and Huntley House or Fred West Way anyone ? For God's sake - get the loonies out of positions of power!
Or how about Osama Bin Laden House? Truly the Loony Left has returned with a vengeance.

But here are three names that should have been considered for the buildings and were not used:


These were the three policemen who were killed by the terrorists. All too often the police have to put their very lives on the line to protect the public. Such gallantry should be honoured, not terrorism.

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