Saturday, April 12, 2008

Has Young Fine Gael lost the plot?

Young Fine Gael, the youth wing of one of the Irish political parties (but don't ask me what they stand for!), have launched posters in support of the European Constitution Lisbon "Treaty". And these are frankly some of the silliest arguments made in its favour yet:

Aren't they truly dire? Has Young Fine Gael got no serious reasons for people in the Republic of Ireland to vote yes?

Still at least the Irish get a say on this "Treaty", thanks to Supreme Court rulings, which is more than everyone gets. But then if other countries let the people have a say, they might "get it wrong" and that would never do for the "European Project", would it?

Oh and for those wondering, Young Fine Gael can hardly be called a counterpart of Conservative Future. The European affiliations aren't the same for one thing - Young Fine Gael is in Youth of the European People's Party and Conservative Future is, for some inexplicable reason, in European Democrat Students.

Hat tip to Iain Dale: Well I'm Convinced, How About You?!


Semaj Mahgih said...

Well the posters are a substitute for reasoning, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

European Democrat Students appears to be more than just the two parties of the ED. Is it the youth wing of the EPP - in which case it would be perfectly natural for CF to be in it, seeing as the Tories aren't out of the EPP yet.

As for the YFG posters - lighten up. I hardly imagine they are the Yes side's secret weapon or only argument, they're just a bit of fun. I suppose it's just sour grapes because the Yes side will probably win.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

The Conservatives are officially not in the European People's Party, they're officially in the "European Democrats" sitting in coalition with the EPP in the Parliament. Whilst this is largely window dressing as a past attempt to keep the Conservatives with the EPP without realising it, it makes the idea that CF should automatically be formally affiliated to the EPP's youth wing illogical. And in any case the Conservatives don't want to sit with the EPP so why should CF hang around when we don't have the restraints the MEPs do?

As for the posters, I'd be equally critical of such silliness on the No side.


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