Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who can you trust in this world?

Action Comics 309I've just been sent links to Action Comics #309 and Comics Make No Sense: More Super-Celebrity Thursday! about one of the silliest superhero comic stories going, "The Superman Super-Spectacular" which appeared in Action Comics #309 that went on sale the last week of November 1963.

This story (a full rundown is at Fred Hembeck's site) saw Superman appearing on a "This Is Your Life" style programme celebrating his life and career, with all his friends appearing. The only slight problem is that his alter ego, Clark Kent, is due to be one of the guests and Superman's plans to have either a robot or Batman stand in for him keep going astray. So amidst much madness he turns to the one man he can trust, who willingly disguises himself as Clark:

Superman meets John F. KennedyAh what a simpler age it was then! Or not - as I said earlier, this issue went on sale the last week of November 1963, perhaps not the best time to appear.

But just imagine that panel with a later President. Could anyone take this scenario seriously:

Superman meets George W. BushOr what about the two most likely candidates for this year's election?

Superman meets John McCain
Superman meets Barack ObamaSo if we can't trust the US President, who can we now trust?

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