Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So when's the next Liberal Democrat leadership election?

I don't knowI know nothingAs I type this the result of the Liberal Democrats leadership election, 2007 is about to come through. It's not exactly a contest that's set the world on fire with the candidates squabbling with each other, whilst the one Liberal Democrat who's come out of the last few months with his stature raised is Vincent Cable (see Shock of the week). No wonder people are already regretting that Cable didn't stand himself (BBC News: Vince Cable: Acting like a leader).

But let's not disguise the truth - whoever wins will be the fourth leader the Liberal Democrats have had in a single parliament. They've meandered all over the place, been utterly unable to give a consistent answer on what they'd do if there was a hung parliament which is, after all, the likely outcome of their wet dream of proportional representation! What do Liberal Democrats stand for? Other than leadership elections.

And whoever wins will be at the head of a fractious party that's used to squabbling and back & frontstabbing. The Liberal Democrats are now truly the nasty party - well they are the ones with "rats" in their name.

So when will the next leadership election be?


Manfarang said...

Hung Parliament?The Conservatives can't win the next general election now there is no more OUP!

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Assuming you mean the Ulster Unionists (who haven't gone by the OUP moniker for a long time), that hasn't stopped the Conservatives before!


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