Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't menzion ze Var!

If the United Kingdom have taken this stance there would be uproar. But Poland has mentioned the unmentionable in the European Union - the effect of the Second World War. For all that we endured, the UK never suffered population losses on the scale of Poland. I wonder if anyone here can comprehend what it means to the Poles today.

I'll admit to not caring much about the details of this row - over the number of votes each state wields in the qualified majority voting system - as I'm so sceptical that it's in the UK's interests to even be in a European superstate at all that details like this don't excite me. That said, the proposed changes stand to benefit Germany and weaken Poland's position significantly.

Are the Poles over the top? I really don't think we can judge this well. Some wounds are very deep about what was lost during the war - on all sides. If the Poles continue on this course, how long before some of those ghosts raise their heads?


Fidothedog said...

Well said by the Poles I say.

Anonymous said...

If the war hadn't happened then Poland would probably not have fallen under Soviet control. If that had happened then there wouldn't have been an influx of Ukranianians, that probably pushes Poland's population up quite a lot.

Plus, surely lots of Germans died too, so there's a balance in there somewhere.

Anyway, a weird argument to make. But then again those weird twin brothers are pretty... well... weird.


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