Saturday, December 09, 2006

No more Labour Deputy Leaders?

It seems others share my scepticism expressed in my previous post "Is the Labour Deputy Leadership worth a pitcher of warm piss?" Several MPs are calling for the abolition of the post (BBC News: End Labour deputy post, MPs urge) arguing that the party can ill afford the election. Presumably they're also wondering just what the post does.

Oh and in case anyone's wondering why I've shifted the style of the links, it's because of a post about hyperlinks that I recently read on Mustafa Arif's blog which specifically mentioned this one. For his comments click here. ;)


Mustafa Arif said...

Ha! Nice to see someone found my comments useful.

the dúnadan said...

Hmm. The new style might take a bit of getting used to. The second link (to the BBC report) in your post felt to me like it should be a footnote to the post.


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