Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is Labour finally going to be a party for the whole country?

One story I missed last week, amidst all the Blair-Brown feuding and a string of Labour politicians declaring that they could be the next John Prescott, was the announcement that te Labour Party has agreed to allow organisation in Northern Ireland, allowing its members to have a role in the party. Many have criticised them for not doing so before but this is a good step. However it's unclear as to whether the local party members will be allowed to take the decision for themselves on whether or not to stand. But anything that can help move Northern Irish politics into a left-right direction is to be praised.

1 comment:

Manfarang said...

Unlikely to make any difference.
There was a Northern Ireland Labour Party.It is difficult to see how it could be revived now that the cloth-cap version of socialism is almost dead.


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